Wish you could hit pause, cast yourself away with a group of women, nourish yourself with deep conversation and delicious food and take the time to MAKE beautiful things?

To not worry about what’s for dinner or attending to someone else’s needs, but completely immerse yourself in your craft and mindfully get into the flow?  Lose yourself and, finally, take the time to find yourself?   Me too.

I dream of connecting with women.

Our retreats are born from a desire to connect, nurture one another and make with our hands. 

Gathering to learn and share the skills that I find so empowering in my own life…clothing myself (at any size), cooking & preserving my own food, building my own home…working with my hands.   I feel connected to life when I mindfully make things of beauty and utility.

Making allows us to slow down and connect with our heritage, connect to ourselves and to our community and to future generations.  Handwork carries your story and your love.  It’s all of this magic that I want to share in our retreats.

When I look, I’m not alone…there are thousands of us on similar paths, our collective consciousness rippling out and altering the world.  I’d like to meet you.


As a way to connect to...

past - ancestors - self - community - earth - place - future kinfolk



Honestly, Change is Hard

My wee boy began preschool this fall.  It’s been hard.  It’s the first time he’s been dropped off with a gaggle of other kids with or without his mama.  Each day has gotten a bit harder as he begins to anticipate his fear of being “left”.  It breaks this mama’s heart when he runs after […]


Surface Design Exploration

I’m a maker.  It’s in my soul.  Making gives my everyday life deeper meaning.  While I love making clothes, I’m not always in love with the patterns or colors or types of fabric that are available.  Using materials that are gentle on both the planet and people is a value of mine but that limits […]


Natural Dye Notes – Onion Skins, Cochineal and Logwood

I’ve been dabbling in natural dyes for a couple of years…not consistently or often, but on occasion.  At first I wasn’t hooked. That’s not really true, I love the concept…taking plants and natural materials and making dyes for our cloth in the same ancient ways as our distant ancestors.  That appeals to me big time.  […]


The power of enough Space and for the love of squash

In my garden there are several volunteer squash plants.  I’m a first time gardener, so rather than wisely thinning them out, I’ve delighted in their wish to become an edible harvest in my little garden and have left every single one.  If you are a gardener you know how this ends.  While I was not […]


My love of Bullet Journaling

  I’ve always been a lover of lists.  Lists with little boxes to check when completed.  Packing lists.  Making lists.  To do lists.  Grocery lists.   Lists of restaurants visited on a 3 month road trip.  List of books I’ve read.  All of the lists.   Making a plan and writing a list has brought me a […]



    Not long ago I had the honor of teaching at a skill swap.  It was a lovely, peace-filled day full of happy, smiling people intermingling, learning a thing or two and sharing both bread and a dance step.   I taught a class on hand sewing a tee shirt…and I failed at it.  Really…not […]

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.

She goes where she will without pretense and
arrives at her destination prepared to be herself
and only herself.

Maya Angelou

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