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Seriously, how many hours of your life are
you going to spend on Pinterest?
Let's get your hands 'dirty'!

I am loving the great patterns and great videos.
And you!

I have learned so much from your videos. I am also easing up on self-criticism when it comes to making clothes that fit my body.
Brigette Brink

Hi! I'm Tina

My retreats & classes were born from a desire to connect, empower women and make together, with our hands. 

I was searching for

    • my tribe of makers
    • space in my life to immerse myself in my craft
    • connection

I love to share the skills that I find so empowering in my own life…clothing myself (at any size), cooking & preserving my own food, building my own home. 

Working with my hands.  

I feel connected to life when I mindfully make things of beauty and utility.

I love how handwork carries your story and your love.

I want you to have that magic too!

(Want to connect more with me?  here’s my story...My Little Light to Shine)

"I signed up for Tina’s beginner class not even knowing anything about my sewing machine. For 40 some years, I’ve told myself I can’t sew. Tina has taught me what my machine can do, how I CAN INDEED sew!! ...and also taught me a life skill that if it doesn’t work the first time, go back to the beginning and try it again. (Which you often have to do when sewing).

Her patience, organization and ability to understand a “beginner sewer’s mentality” was phenomenal! She is extremely knowledgeable and has given me so many tips and tricks I wouldn’t have known without meeting and attending her class.

You are a gem Tina. Keep up the good work!!"

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Mackinac Island, Michigan

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Great Lakes Region


my making journey
and musings

I think your presenting style in the videos is lovely.

You are obviously very knowledgeable and a good teacher. The suggestions for altering the t-shirt were so varied and interesting. This has got me back to sewing with knits which I abandoned for a while due to not getting good results.

My first make - the standard Ladies' T-shirt is now finished and looking good. I have plans and fabric for a second one - just deciding what if any changes to make.
Happy Sewist

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