Sewing Classes & Community
Where you make clothes you love

Space to nourish your making soul,
find your tribe, learn and smile...a lot.

~ Make Space ~

Are you wishing you had time to make things, beautiful things?

things that light you up and add swing to your step.

What if you had time and space to create and get in the flow?

Now imagine you can, but with Friends!
Like-minded Maker friends.

~ Find Your People ~

Friends you already have a connection with.

The you who craves connection and really, just wants to channel your grandma, change the world (one choice at a time), stand in your power, wear clothes with authority and practice self-care. That's all. you feel a little nervous about putting yourself out there and spending your precious time with strangers, regardless if it's in person or online?

I mean, what if nobody gets you? What if you spend your time alone, in the corner, wishing you hadn't come?

Ha...that is not gonna happen.

We're not gonna let it...unless that's what you want. (This is a choose-your-own-adventure type of thing.

~ You are worthy ~

Plus those new friends you're calling strangers...not only do you have a desire to make in common. You also have the "I am worthy." mantra in common.

My first sewing retreat with Kinship Handwork was such a wonderful experience. I felt truly lucky to be on the beautiful Mackinac Island learning garment making from Cal Patch. We were encouraged to embrace our own unique styles, and I walked away with the skills to create a dress pattern from scratch and a well-fitting dress that I love.

Tina made sure every day felt special, from morning yoga classes to her parting gift of a hand-picked Petoskey Stone for each of us. Her joy and kindness shined bright.

She can’t schedule the next retreat soon enough!

How many hours of your life are you going to spend on Pinterest?
Let's get your hands 'dirty'!

Hi! I'm Tina

My retreats & classes were born from a desire to connect, empower women and make together, with our hands. 

I was searching for

    • my tribe of makers
    • space in my life to immerse myself in my craft
    • connection

I love to share the skills that I find so empowering in my own life…clothing myself (at any size), cooking & preserving my own food, building my own home. 

Working with my hands.  

I feel connected to life when I mindfully make things of beauty and utility.

I love how handwork carries your story and your love.

I want you to have that magic too!

(Want to connect more with me?  here’s my story...My Little Light to Shine)

"I signed up for Tina’s beginner class not even knowing anything about my sewing machine. For 40 some years, I’ve told myself I can’t sew. Tina has taught me what my machine can do, how I CAN INDEED sew!! ...and also taught me a life skill that if it doesn’t work the first time, go back to the beginning and try it again. (Which you often have to do when sewing).

Her patience, organization and ability to understand a “beginner sewer’s mentality” was phenomenal! She is extremely knowledgeable and has given me so many tips and tricks I wouldn’t have known without meeting and attending her class.

You are a gem Tina. Keep up the good work!!"


Mackinac Island, Michigan

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my making journey
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"Thanks so much for offering the sewing classes.
I learned so much and plan to continue on sewing.
I appreciate all your patience. You are a very good teacher."

Our Retreats are Like Summer Camp, but Better!