Allow me to introduce myself…

I am, among other things, a clothes maker, home builder, food preserver, forager, natural dyer, budding gardener, knitter & crocheter, teacher, student, mama to one wee fella and wife to a man who has always supported my passions.   I now find myself in a place where I want to feel deeply connected to what I wear/own/eat and strive to not only buy intentionally (be it new or used), but make intentionally. To bring into my life only what resonates.  Slowly…by hand.

I’ve spent years empowering myself to sew and make in order to follow my own path and as a way to love myself and be powerful in my body.   I am delighted by the energy and love that is attached to things made intentionally and by hand, the story in thrifted goods and the life in natural fibers.

I call northern Michigan my home and am most at peace in the woods (except when I’m at the sewing machine!).


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My wee boy…at 8 months old.  Oh, this makes me smile!