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How I became a Garment Sewist

It all began with wanting to channel my late Grandma with my sewing machine. (I swear I can feel her presence when I sit down to sew.)

Actually that’s only partly true.  It all BEGAN when I couldn’t find dresses that fit my body.  I thought I just couldn’t wear dresses…my body was wrong for them and I was tired of feeling like something was wrong with me.

Then I found a handmade dress in a thrift store that seemed to be made for me and it sparked my desire to make my own clothes. So I bought a sewing pattern, sewed it up.  And hated the fit. 

Then, I decided to trace the dress I had found in that thrift store, the magical one that sparked my desires, and make another dress from that.  It was a knit dress and I used a quilting cotton ;).  (if you know a thing or two about fabrics, then you know this wasn’t a wise choice) 

Still I loved it. 

And a garment sewist was born.

Hi, I’m Tina.

I’m so glad you stopped by.

Allow me to introduce myself…

I am, among other things, a clothes maker, home builder, food preserver, forager, natural dyer, budding gardener, knitter & crocheter, teacher, student and mama to one wee fella. 

I’ve spent years empowering myself to sew and make in order to follow my own path and as a way to love myself and be powerful in my body.   I am delighted by the energy and love that is attached to things made intentionally and by hand, the story in thrifted goods and the life in natural fibers.

I now find myself in a place where I want to feel deeply connected to what I wear/own/eat and strive to not only buy intentionally (be it new or used), but make intentionally. To bring into my life only what resonates.  Slowly…by hand.


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