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Living Wholeheartedly

Have you witnessed, or experienced your own, wholehearted expression? There’s a magic to it. Something I can’t quite articulate; that I can only see from the corner of my eye. People lean in, energetically drawn to a person who is able to show up without pretense, without armor, without the need for adulation. Wholly in […]



I’m pondering grace today. The word keeps surfacing in my reading and thoughts and this morning I decided to spend time with it’s meaning. It’s a nuanced word…moving with beauty and elegance; in favor; a sense of politeness and consideration; ornamentation in order to beautify; the thanks we give before eating, and the one that […]


Honestly, Change is Hard

My wee boy began preschool this fall.  It’s been hard.  It’s the first time he’s been dropped off with a gaggle of other kids with or without his mama.  Each day has gotten a bit harder as he begins to anticipate his fear of being “left”.  It breaks this mama’s heart when he runs after […]


The power of enough Space and for the love of squash

In my garden there are several volunteer squash plants.  I’m a first time gardener, so rather than wisely thinning them out, I’ve delighted in their wish to become an edible harvest in my little garden and have left every single one.  If you are a gardener you know how this ends.  While I was not […]