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Show Notes

#34 - what do off-grid, tiny house living and sewing your own clothes have in common?

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Intentionality.  And if there’s one thing that my guest on this episode has in spades, it’s intentionality!

From her self-built, off-grid tiny house compound (her words!) to her work as a textile artist, clothing and sewing pattern designer, and garment construction instructor, Ann Tilley lives in her values and on her own terms and she’s a joy to behold!

Listen in as we talk about building a tiny house on wheels, the why of it and how it feels to live in it, what it’s like to have solar power and what drives the desire to both live small and sustainably, as well as about beekeeping and sewing clothes and embracing life on our own terms.

Give it a listen! 

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Those magic pants!


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