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Fall 2023

The Knit Pants of Your Dreams
Sewing Retreat

Sometimes, we like to wear pants.

And by golly, if those pants fit us perfectly and look professional, have pockets and are comfortable! SOLD.

And then, what if we took those pants, and we created new versions, out of different fabric and with different style lines? Wouldn't that feel amazing!?

Yes. Let's do that.

5 Day, 4 Night Retreat

Sunday, October 15th - Thursday, October 19th, 2023

The view from the ferry dock!

Each day begins with a women’s circle and some journal and talking questions (we get deep and vulnerable…not your thing?  Don’t feel any pressure at all to join this part, but it adds a depth and connection that I just LOVE).  Then we have sewing and pattern drafting instruction, a nice long lunch hour, some more instruction and end our day with Qoya movement!  (a wee bit of dance, a dash of yoga and a whole lot of embodiment). 

You might then find yourself in the spa pool for a bit before our group dinner or back at the sewing machine, gleefully in the flow.

In this intimate retreat, only 12 spots, you’ll learn to sew knits pants (with pockets), get the fit down and then take that pattern and change into a new style!

All while getting mindful about what you sew, loving your body a bit more and connecting.


Some pics from our retreat

sorry...I'm a terrible photographer!