Get to Know your Sewing Machine!

Dust it off and let's get sewing!

Next Live Class begins in winter 2021!

Do you have a sewing machine that's gathering dust in the corner,
balefully giving you the "eye" every time you spot it? 

Do you wish you knew how to use it...or have you used it and
wish you had a better time, and better results, using it?

You are in luck! 

I’m offering a 3-week, online series teaching you how to use, and dare I say love, your sewing machine.

This class will be the perfect combination of virtual, interactive, and hands-on.

We’ll meet via Zoom every week for a review of what we learned and to answer any questions!

"Tina is, I believe, the most patient, good-humored person in all of Emmet County. The class taught us the technical areas of sewing which we practised and also made two projects. My expectations were far exceeded."
from Get to Know Your Sewing Machine class

What to expect:

  • You’ll get video each week, where I’ll walk you through the parts of the sewing machine, how it works and how to sew.
  • Then, I’ll give you a wee bit of homework (what’s learning without hands-on action?  Not nearly as effective, I say) and send you off until the live call.
  • But you will not be in this alone, as you work on your homework you can reach out to me to get your questions answered and for additional guidance.
  • You’ll also have access to a private discussion area, specifically for this class!  Here you can connect with other students (my favorite thing), post images, ask questions and get answers.

It’s like going to a workshop in person, but with a recording that you can rewatch, rewind and slow down, anytime you want.



Here’s what you’ll learn about your machine:

  • What the parts of the machine do and what they are called.
  • How to thread your machine properly (it truly matters).
  • How to wind the bobbin and which way to install it in the case.
  • What all of those “feet” are for.
  • What the different stitches are for…and what to use to sew knit fabrics.
  • Supplies you’ll need
  • How to troubleshoot your machine and keep it clean
  • How to diagnose and fix the tension (both the tension of the thread and the headache of using a machine you don’t fully understand!)



You’ll also learn the basics on how to sew…

  • What’s a seam allowance? 
  • Sewing with french seams and other seam finishes…you don’t want loose unraveling seams messing up your project.
  • Installing a zipper
  • Buttonholes!  Yep. seriously.
  • Using seam binding…it’s not just meant to take up space in your sewing box
  • Sewing a lining into your project
  • and more!


The best part, we’ll complete two projects! 

  1. A drawstring bag with french seams

  2. A zippered, and lined, pouch


"I signed up for Tina’s beginner class not even knowing anything about my sewing machine. For 40 some years, I’ve told myself I can’t sew.

Tina has taught me what my machine can do, how I CAN INDEED sew!! ...and also taught me a life skill that if it doesn’t work the first time, go back to the beginning and try it again. (Which you often have to do when sewing).

Her patience, organization, and ability to understand a “beginner sewer’s mentality” was phenomenal! She is extremely knowledgeable and has given me so many tips and tricks I wouldn’t have known without meeting and attending her class. You are a gem, Tina. Keep up the good work!! "
student in Get To Know Your Sewing Machine Class

Who this is for:

  • Anyone who wants to get more comfortable using their sewing machine.
  • Someone who’s never even touched a sewing machine, let along snarled up the thread.
  • Anyone who sews, but can not figure out why they constantly get snarly thread nests under their needle plate…or other common frustrations.

You’ll need:

  • A sewing machine in good working order (this isn’t a sewing machine repair class…unfortunately).
  • Thread, Sewing machine needles, Bobbins to fit your machine.
  • The manual to your machine (truly invaluable) and any cords, foot pedals, etc.
  • Scissors for fabric and pins.
  • A computer or device to watch the videos, interact on Zoom and in the discussion area and download materials.
  • Fabric scraps to practice on…a variety is nice.
  • A bit of seam binding and a button.

Materials for the drawstring bag

  • woven fabric – a piece that is 15 x 30 inches and quality thread to match (I prefer Gutterman brand, all-purpose thread)
  • a cord or rope or braided yarn or ribbon (you get the idea) for the drawstring that is 72 inches long
  • a safety pin to feed the cord through the drawstring channel

for the zippered pouch

  • woven fabric – two exterior pieces that are 7 x 9 inches and two lining pieces that are  7 x 9 inches and quality thread to match (I prefer Gutterman brand, all-purpose thread)
  • a 7″ zipper for the pouch (a nylon zipper that is too long can easily be cut down)