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Find Your Joy

a special 5 part series

So, today for lesson one. 

  • Give the audio (above) a listen.  (released 8/16/23)  It’s roughly 10 minutes long
  • Start a gratitude practice twice a day.  Say aloud one thing you’re grateful for and for better success, tie it to a habit you already have, like brushing your teeth.
  • Make a list of all sorts of things that bring you joy…don’t edit it, let it flow.  It could be sunshine on your face, or a project in your hands or a walk with a friend.  Set the timer for 10 minutes and free write.  Just let it out!!

Day 2 will include a guided meditation and thoughts on your rhythm and natural flow!

How was day one?  Did you write out your list of joyful things?  What were you grateful for this morning?  Yes, comment below  and tell me!

Today we’re going to go deeper into thinking about how our energy flows throughout the day and what your ideal/dream day would look like.

  • Give the audio (above) a listen.  I tried to keep it really short. I REALLY did.  But it’s 22 minutes!  …What can I say?
  • Track you energy through out the day.  How do you feel first thing?  At lunch time?  In the afternoon, the evening and at night?  When is your brain the most powerful, when do you like to exercise, when do you like to get hands on?
  • After you listen to the guided mindfulness exercise (I call it a meditation in the audio, but really it’s more of a mindfulness exercise!)  write out what comes up for you and your ideal/dream day.  No judgements, no editing!

Day 3 we’ll talk about getting to know yourself even more!

Okay, did you picture your ideal day?  Do you have an idea on how your energy flows through the day?  Share with me what you’ve learned!  Hit reply, I would be delighted!

Today we’re going to talk about the value in finding out more about your personality type and how you operate!

Day 4, we’ll talk about saying NO!  Yes.  We will.  And about honestly pruning your life to remove what is not bringing you joy

Today’s lesson can be both a YES! kind of lesson and a “oh, but wait, that’s too hard” kind of thing!    Culling out the things in your life that are not making you happy can be HUGE and can be simple.  But, we only have so much time and energy each day and if we commit to all the things, we won’t have space for what matters.

So, let’s begin!

  • Give the audio a listen.  (above)
  • Make a list (YES, I love lists!) of all of your commitments and daily habits and rate them.

    First mark all the the things on your list that excite you.  Things you love doing and that are clear yeses.

    Next, give the list a critical view and cross off everything that doesn’t really need to be done and that can easily be culled away.

    Then, look at what’s left and determine what does not in fact need to be done by YOU!  Be really honest about this and find ways to delegate or hire out these things. (ideas in the audio!)

    Finally, turn a really critical eye to what’s left.  The things that you don’t really want to do, but that you feel you have to.  Do you REALLY have to?  Is there another way to accomplish what this task does?  Can it be cut anyway?  What story do you have in your mind about what it means about you if you don’t do this?    Saying no, opens your life up to what you are meant to be doing and how you can stay in joy and ease.

Tomorrow, we’ll get out our calendars and start to pull some of things we’re learning about ourselves together!

Comment below and tell me what you are no longer doing!

So…you’ve made a list of what brings you joy and you’ve been practicing some gratitude every day!

You’ve thought about your energy flow throughout the day and what your ideal day would look like. You took some tests, read some things and you know yourself and how you operate in flow a bit more.

Then you got clear on the habits and commitments in your life that do not bring you ease and joy and determined what of those you want to cull, delegate or limit.

NOW…we’re bringing it all together with our calendars and starting to put some JOY into place. Scheduling it first. Allowing life to flow around the most important things to us.

  • Give the audio a listen.  (above)
  • Get your calendar and to do list and start sorting all this information into what you want more of in your life.  While you’re at it, add tasks to your to do list that put culling and delegation into motion.

    Create a list for daily things, weekly things, monthly things and quarterly/yearly things.  These are the things you want to ensure are part of your rhytym.  Things like walking, meditating, visiting an art museum, sitting in front of your watercolor paper, live music, a solo adventure, cermonies…you get the idea.  Things that will inherently bringing connection and joy into your life.

    Now, schedule them!!!  Put them in first and honor that commitment to yourself.  After all as Dr Edith Egar says, the only person that you will be in a relationship with for your entire life, is YOU!

    Check out the Blue Zones when you’ve got a moment.

This simple process is the single most important way that I’ve added more joy and contentment into my life.  And it’s something I come back to again and again.

And to take these concepts and fully embody them (and continue to grow and expand) the Embody Your Joy membership is kicking off in September. 

You can join now, before we close the doors to settle in and begin! 

In this gathering, we’ll start to do the things we know make us happy, not just learn about them.

We’ll also have…

  • a monthly live workshop where we plan our month.
  • special guests and conversations about the kind of things we talked about this week
  • an accountability track!
  • a bookclub to dive into some of those awesome books out there
  • a private community where we’ll share our gratitude daily and support one another
  • who knows!  The magic of this group is that it will expand and shift as we evolve!!
Let’s stop simply dreaming of a different life and finally DO it!~

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