Going Sleeveless

Do you know, there was a time when I wouldn't wear sleeveless tops...I thought I didn't have "the arms" for a sleeveless top.   Seriously?!?  I bet you know what I'm…

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Why you don’t sew clothes you love.

One of the biggest frustration I hear from all of my students and when I interact with sewists online is fit. As in, sewing clothes and trying to get the fit right and feeling completely frustrated by that process. I can understand that; it's a deep topic with lots of steps and our bodies are dynamic and wonderfully, three dimensional. But it doesn't have to be so frustrating.

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Pockets, pockets, pockets

Adding Pockets to a Dress Pattern Honestly, I don't think I can live without pockets in my knit garments any longer. Your hands need somewhere to go for crying out…

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Well…maybe someday….

Recently, while the sun warmed my face and I dug out the garden, I was thinking about perfection. About how paralyzing our need for perfection can be and what a shame…

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