Tired of sewing clothes you don't LOVE?

Any of these sound like you?

  • You make clothes that just don’t seem like you.

    What do you want to wear anyway?  Your body’s changed, you have no style, your lifestyle is different.  What on earth should you make?

  • Or you spend time and effort making something only to have it languish in your closet.  Gathering dust and stabbing you with guilt every time you pass by.
  • Maybe you’re frustrated from the effort you put into choosing your fabric and sewing pattern, only to end up with a garment that is not what you had in mind.
  • Perhaps you’ve been wishing for an intentional wardrobe, one that is mindfully chosen and sewn, but just don’t know where to start.
  • …or maybe, you’ve had this experience. – You choose your size based on the chart on the pattern, cross your fingers and sew it up. Only to have it NOT fit.

Sew Clothes You LOVE

A five-week, digital course

Discover what lights you up,
have a more easeful sewing practice &
connect with your tribe!

Together, we'll begin a journey to figure out...

Join me in sewing clothes you LOVE,
getting back your time and
being more efficient with the process.

Oh, and figuring out how you want to
show up in the world...fully lit up!

Doors are currently closed

but you can get on the waitlist for the next opening
(in Jan/Feb 2021)

the whole 5 week course is available for $97

I get it.

I've spent many hours making a piece of clothing just to have it not fit, not feel right or simply not be something I would even want to wear.

I don't know about you, but I picked up sewing clothes as a way to fit my "hard-to-fit" body (turns out, after years of teaching sewing, we're all hard-to-fit!) and as a way to wear clothes that I love.

I mean like, really, really love. Like, wowza, can you believe I made this dress, kind of love.

Sometimes that happened...sort of by accident.

But it only became a regular thing for me when I got intentional about my making.

When I spent time and effort figuring out what I wanted to wear, what my style was.

This course is going to show you how to get there.

To a handmade wardrobe you love. Mindfully.

{and just maybe, give you a bit more love for the journey and your sweet body}

In this course you will go from feeling frustrated and uncertain about the clothes you sew to feeling full of clarity and in love with the clothes you make.

Join us on our journey to add a bit of swing to our step and sparkle to our eye...because we're doing it together.

Together, we'll be working through the 5 steps to a more intentional, better-fitting, more authentic wardrobe. A wardrobe that is more YOU.

This 5 week course is designed to layout a clear path to an intentional handmade wardrobe and give you a supporting hand on your journey.

When you sign up for this 5 week digital course,
you get:

  • 5 weekly video lessons – don’t worry this is not going to take over your life.  You can complete each weekly lesson in 30-60 minutes.
  • A lifetime of kinship on your path to handmade clothes you love.  In the form of a private Facebook Group where you can post pictures, ask questions and share your wisdom and insight with your fellow classmates and me.  This will be your tribe of makers for as long as the group is in existence!
  • Weekly worksheets to get your hands dirty, I don’t know about you, but I don’t learn a thing unless I do it.
  • Three Live Conversations  on an online video chat.  Grab a cup of coffee, settle in and connect.  Where you can ask me your questions, learn from other’s questions and share your stories.  (this is a student favorite!)
  • FUN bonuses, like the Fashion Fabric 101 series and finishing your seams
"Sew Clothes you LOVE was one of the few courses I've taken that I looked forward to every week..the videos, always wondering with excitement “what’s next”, and the facebook group. I enjoyed the framework and found it doable from the get go.

I got so much more out of it than I expected. It’s about more than just the craft, it’s about becoming conscious and mindful.

I didn’t expect it to change my mindset! "
Nov 2019 Student

The 5 weekly topics we'll dive into:

  1. Discover What You Love to Wear
    We’ll take the time to explore what you already own and find what you love and what you don’t.
  2. Define (and dare to embrace) Your Style
    Let’s dust off those old dreams or draw in the new ones, of who you want to be in the world. Because when you show up that way, you magically step into that person.
  3. Mindfully Choose Sewing Patterns and Fabric
    We’ll investigate what types of fabrics you love to wear (that may not be the same thing as fabrics you love!) and figure out how to choose patterns that fit…your style.
  4. Intentionally Plan Your Project
    We’ll talk about sketching and scheming and the joy of it all!  (Psst…it’s a secret way to get some “sewing” in when you’re not in front of the machine.)
  5. Fit Your Pattern to Your Body
    Finally, we’ll dip our toes into the “fit” water.  We’ll discover which order to make adjustments in and how to know, before you cut a thing, whether you need to adjust a pattern.

    {note this course is not an in-depth course on fitting, rather it’s an introduction into adjusting a pattern for your measurements.  A bit of easing into it…you might say.} 

"Tina, I had some pretty high expectations for this course. It sounded like it would be just what I needed to help me make the clothes I would love to wear instead of making one ill fitting, unbecoming disappointment after another.

Well, I must say that your course exceeded all of my expectations! I have loved every video and “homework” assignment and have learned so much from each and every one.

On top of that, you are such a charming and beautiful woman, freely sharing your challenges and successes. You are a real person with a real body, just like all the rest of us. I love your creativity and personal style.

Thank you so much!"
2019 Nov Student

This course is PERFECT for you if any of these pertain:

  • You already know how to sew clothes and you want to begin sewing clothes with more intention.
  • You just don’t know what to wear or what your style is and you want to find your style.
  • You’ve started programs similar to this before, only to not finish it and now you want accountability and support from like-minded makers.
  • You want to become more mindful with your making, but you’re not sure how to do it.
  • You want to successfully choose your size and alter your pattern, but you have questions.
  • You want your own garment makers tribe!  It can be lonely out there and wouldn’t it be nice to connect with like-minded makers, share advice and feedback and enhance this lovely craft…and just maybe your life!
  • You sew clothes only to have them not fit and you want an easier way to sew clothes that fit you.
  • You know how to sew, but you’ve never sewn clothes and you’d like to start sewing clothes.
  • You already sew clothes but they don’t always work for you and you want to sew clothes you LOVE.

And, no this list is not exhaustive.  Don’t see yourself in any of these statements but still feeling compelled to join..come on in, the water warm!

The doors open to this course only two times a year, so get in now. Space is limited to enable me to give great service!

Your access never expires, complete the course as you wish, but there is so much power and beauty in doing something so intentional with a group and I encourage you to do the course with us.

You'll have access to the Facebook group and to recordings of the latest Live Calls at anytime.

You can also join in on any future live sessions...for no extra fee. You'll have access to any updates and be there as the tribe expands.

And it's risk free. If you are unhappy with the course, merely show us your completed homework sheets and we'll refund your money, no more questions asked.

Let's sew clothes we LOVE, shall we?

What you need to complete this course:

  • Some sewing skills.  You don’t need to be a garment sewist yet, but you should know how to sew and have some idea of how clothes are constructed.
  • An interest in going deeper into your style, who you are and how you want to show up in the world.
  • A desire to learn your specific pattern fitting needs; this course is not an in-depth fitting course but we will be getting into basic fit adjustments.
  • Faith.  Trust in the process.
  • A closet of clothing to try on.
  • Magazines to cut into or internet searches to help define your style.  (you may want some art supplies…if you want to do a physical mood board)
  • Fabric to study and feel.   Maybe a field trip to your local fabric store, or an internet trip to buy swatches.
  • The ability to search for patterns you love.  Either at the fabric store pattern table or online.
  • A pattern or two that you can use for the pattern adjusting module.
  • A flexible tape measure, pen and paper…a calculator is handy. 

Here's what LaPriel is taking away from the course...

"1. Slow down and enjoy the process so I can enjoy the product! I am always impatient to get done. So, I skip the details of fitting, convince myself I can’t do it without help and am disappointed with the outcome.

2. I have taken more steps toward being kind to my body and not afraid of showing it. I will continue to work on not hiding my shape.

3. I had a major fashion style pivot! No more looking at sweet, full, ruffled, saintly printed clothes. That’s not who I am or want to be. I thought it was for a while, but I am evolving.

4. I was inspired by Tina's latest email from her weekly mailings. “It's planting my feet firmly on the platform of my desires so that I can more solidly leap off.” I am still working on getting fully in touch with my desires. But, I believe this is my phrase for the coming year. Thank you.

5. Tina's kind, grounded, patient manner has touched me."
2019 Nov Student

Doors are currently closed

but you can get on the waitlist for the next opening
(in Jan/Feb 2021)

the whole 5 week course is available for $97

Sew clothes you love so that your amazing,
handmade clothes can proudly see the light of day!