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Kinship retreats are an experience.

With hours of expert, enthusiastic,
patient and kind instruction,
morning women's circles,
afternoon movement
and dinners together...
it's so much more than just a sewing workshop.

Oh...and the ladies who gather together,
they are always something special!


What past attendees are saying!

" Tina is such a patient, kind instructor. She goes above expectations making everyone feel special and creating a wonderful connection between participants. She even provided special gifts to all of us that participated. Her skills go far beyond the finished product and include troubleshooting your machine and making sure you have the right fit for your pattern and showing us the possible modifications to meet our individual styles. "
attendee at every single retreat!
" I came expecting to make some boring pants and left with my entire mind blown.

I know that's dramatic, but it's exactly what happened.

It's not easy to have a body in a society that says that bodies should look a certain way. Then add in going on a retreat to make clothing for the body that I currently have that doesn't equal society's "perfect body" and dealing with my own body dysmorphia.

Tina's guidance helps to stop the spiral by providing a safe space to process and actual logic (not influenced by societal views) to produce a perfect garment (or garments!!!) in less than 4 days.

This retreat I left with a beautiful pair of pants that fit my body just right and so much excitement and motivation to create more on my own. "
3 time Kinship Handwork retreat attendee
" I really don't know how you could top this one. It was absolutely perfect. I was nervous about not knowing anyone and wondered if I would just hide in my room the whole time. I had such a good time and cannot wait to do it again! "
~Happy Attendee
at the 2019 Garment Retreat on Mackinac Island
" The retreat was a great experience. Tina had a way of making me feel very part of the group. I loved how she got so excited about everything. "
~ Mary
2021 Dress Making Retreat
" Tina is an amazing teacher!

She has the perfect personality and skill set to host a sewing retreat!

She knows a lot about altering patterns, was extremely helpful with fitting issues and very kind hearted. I love how she incorporated body positivity into the retreat.

Sewing clothing that fits my body, instead of making do with store bought, has been a liberating experience for me and this retreat has been a great supplement to my sewing journey. The whole retreat was extremely well planned! Thank you so much, Tina! "
~ Mary
2021 Dress Making Retreat
"It was a fabulous retreat, very welcoming and I learnt a lot despite having previous sewing experience! Both Tina and Cal were approachable, generous with their time and expertise and fun!"
~Happy Attendee
at the 2019 Garment Retreat on Mackinac Island

A retreat with Kinship Handwork is more than just a workshop
(although that's awesome too).

It's an experience.

With things like…

  • Movement – yoga, dance, group hikes or bike rides…
  • Mindfulness and going Deep – meditation, exercises designed to gently deepen your sense of self.
  • Fun and Connection – a closing party with fun surprises, sweet handmade gifts made just for you, meals and time together

And space.

Space to explore, or just be or soak in the spa pool. Or tiptoe down to the sewing room and sew into the wee hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends! 

You can bring your own, or I have a few I can lend to those coming from afar.  Just send me an e-mail to reserve one.  No charge.

No!  We’d love to have you for whichever parts feel good to you.  If we’re going for a hike and you just want to sit in the sun with a good book…then that’s what you should do!

Yes.  Choosing fabric is such a personal thing.

You’ll be sent a material list (which you can also see on that retreat page).  We want your dream garments, the garments you’ll be making, to be just exactly what you want.  So, you’ll bring your own materials.  

I can understand your hesitation.  It’s a big commitment of your precious time and money.  

Obviously, I can’t guarantee that you’ll find your new best friend.  But I can promise that I will do my very best to create an atmosphere of inclusion and warmth.  I’ll provide opportunity to connect and nudge those connections along. 

Yes!  Most certainly, yes.  This is a choose-your-own adventure type of time.  Dip your toes in, jump in headfirst, or hang out on the beach…whatever feels good to you. 

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