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Episode #13 - want more joy? try this...tether your favorite things with what you want more of in your life

Living a joyful life on her own terms is exactly what Kitty Wilkin, my guest on the show, is doing.  And she’s spreading it around…through her work as a quilter (Night Quilter), her internal work that she vulnerably shares, and her open, sparkling heart. 

Several years ago, Kitty impacted my life in a profound way…and she didn’t even know it.  We begin our conversation with me sharing how her ability to stand in a room with 30 other humans and advocate for herself left me in tears, the kind of tears that bubble up like a tsunami and point directly to an internal wound in yourself, and that started a ripple in my life.  In fact, I couldn’t get through editing this episode without tissues nearby.

We then dive into Kitty’s self-growth & creative journey and how she cracked the door open with some “self-ish” sewing under the permission of sewing for her child and several years later has followed her heart and her path to be a more empowered and self-aware human who’s not afraid to ask for help, fill her own cup and prioritize pleasure in her life. 

And she’s done it in the most lovely way.  

She pairs her love of quilting and “earning” a block or strip of fabric by doing or experiencing the things she wants more of in her life.  Like the summer of adventures, the year she hiked 40 mountain peaks and….the one that stopped me in my tracks…her Summer Lovin’ quilt.  Kitty couldn’t honestly create a quilt that explored what brought her pleasure and helped her bring more of it into her life without including sexual pleasure.  We’re talking orgasms here.  

Kitty shares her journey to self-acceptance and opening up to her own sexuality and how that prompted her to include and earn blocks in that quilt for the orgasms she had over that summer.  AND, in an attempt to normalize it, and because she’s brave and vulnerable, she posted about it on Instagram and even shares how many blocks she earned!  Which is so delightful!

“Each yellow inset circle block in my quilt represents an orga$m, and while I certainly won’t be sharing photos here :-), I am no longer afraid of talking about it. It was a very good summer, and I feel more secure in who I am, happier, and more joyful having prioritized my s&xual health and wellness.”  (from that Instagram post)

Now, Kitty has a membership, the Quilt Your Life crew, that’s focused on creating positive habits and tying them together with quilting and living more intentionally.

So go ahead…take a listen, you’ll be so glad you did!

Kitty Wilkin

I’m a stay-at-home mom of three littles, wife, sewist of quilts and other beautiful things, runner, gardener, photographer, and all in all lover of life. With three little kids, my only sewing time is after bedtime. Thus the Night Quilter was born.

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