In Kinship - A podcast for makers
who crave a vibrant life on their own terms

Episode 16

a farmer florist on adding things in as you can handle them
Michaela Buhrman

Episode 15

how this dreamy Pisces takes care of herself
Christina Threloff

Episode 14

the sweet spot between apathy and control

Episode 13

want more joy? try this...
Kitty Wilkin

Episode 12

when it grabs you by the throat
Kat Eldred

Episode 11

want more joy? let go of perfect

Episode 10

get a BIG piece of paper to begin unearthing your purpose​
Anne Morningstar

Episode 9

the beauty of embracing the process
Brooks Ann Camper

Episode 8

how the humble tomato can help you make your dreams happen
Corrina Ferguson

Episode 7

creating in a small space

Episode 6

Let's feast with sensuality and joy
Nicki Sizemore

Episode 5

answer is... boundaries.
Carol Johnson

Episode 4

That time she got on the ferry, and met herself
Mindy Taylor

Episode 3

Sadly, I never got to be a girl scout...

Episode 2

A Vibrant Life.

with a workbook!

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