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Show Notes - Getting Started. As a garment maker and a podcast! (ep 1)

How I got started making clothing… hint, it WASN’T from my seamstress Grandma.  Sadly.

I must have recorded the intro to my first podcast episode 100 times.  Okay, it was probably more like 5.  But by the time you say, more or less the same thing over and over again, it seems a bit like Ground Hog’s day.   And wouldn’t you know that I went with my first take in the end.  Ha! 

I’m excited and a bit nervous, truth be told, to share with you that my first episode of the In Kinship podcast, a podcast for makers who crave a vibrant life on their own terms is now LIVE! 


There’s always that moment of fear when you share what you’ve been working on to other folks. even lovely, kind-hearted folks like you.  I’m guessing you can relate.  And even though I’ve been recording myself teaching for years and writing to you about things deep in my heart, it’s a thing to show up in a slightly different way!

Anyway.  It’s here, it’s live and I hope it brings you joy when you listen.  You can catch it here or search for In Kinship on your favorite podcast app and hit subscribe.

Next week, my free workbook My Vibrant Life will be available to download.  I’m working on it today and it’s getting me all worked up!!

I’ll share the workbook as a free pdf download, talk about how I reflect on the year before and dream of the year to come on the podcast and gather with you live on Tuesday, January 24th at noon (est) to work on the workbook together and share our thoughts. 

What!??!  I know, I’m so excited for this too!

Let me know what you think of the podcast.  Leave a review!!

In Kinship,

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