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Show Notes

Episode 2 - A Vibrant Life...looking back at 2022 and dreaming of 2023

Yes, mid-January is the perfect time for a fresh beginning…


First of all…

get your A Vibrant Life workbook here.

And then, right now, register for our live gathering on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023.  It’s at noon (est).


Now that that is done, this episode is all about why I relish in taking the time to reflect on the year gone by and dream of the year to come.  I set the stage with candles, pretty rocks, meaningful objects, a soft cushion, my notebook and a HOT beverage that brings a smile to my lips. 

Make it sacred. 

Maybe, do it with a circle of friends?!

Either way…

    1. begin by listening to the podcast episode
    2. download the workbook and register for the live gathering
    3. give yourself some space, even 30-60 minutes, to go through the workbook
    4. join us on Tuesday, January 24th for a live zoom gathering!

Mentioned in the podcast

Atomic Habits by James Clear

The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

Do Less by Kate Northrup

The Boulders, rocks, pebbles, sand story in a great short illustrated story.  (where you can see I’ve taken quite a lot of literary license with the original story!! 😉

Three of my favorite oracle decks –

Woodland Wardens

Sacred Rebels

Earth Magic

An annual event since 2014, the Tip of the Mitt Fiber Fair takes place this year at the Emmet County Fairgrounds in Northern Lower Michigan on June 3 & 4, 2023. The fair features fiber animals, workshops, demos and of course fantastic vendors!
@tipofthemittfiberfair on Instagram
Tip of the Mitt Fiber Fair or @mittfiberfair on F

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