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Show Notes

Episode #3 - Sadly, I never got to be a girl scout...

BUT, I have a flint and steel in my go bag just the same!

This episode explores how I came to start my business, and what prompted the craving inside of me for a community gathering where we work with our hands and laugh and bond. OTHER than post-apocalyptic movies!

I also talk about what’s in my go bag and why I’m still miffed at that one season of being a Brownie.



Books mentioned in the podcast

A Handmade Life by Bill Coperthewaite


Speaking of my go bag....


Kaiser Wilderness Supply (stove, fire starting kit)
Firebox (my NEW larger rocket stove)
Walker Works on Etsy (hobo fishing pole)
Barebones (hori hori knife)

The pot and cup (which fits on my 40oz water bottle) are from MSR and the foraging knife is from Opinel.   I also carry foraging bags with me, a first aid kit and a small waterproof tarp and parachute cord.  The lovely little beeswax candle was made by a dear friend.  The small tincture bottles I fill with my favorite herbal tinctures.

I LOVE my Kaiser stove and love that it all nests together with the fire starter, and other goodies in my pot.  It’s lightweight, small and works well.  Its drawback is that you must have a very flat surface to place it on or it comes apart.

But for adventures that don’t require a tiny, lightweight stove, I adore my Firebox stove.  It’s much larger and sturdier.  And very fun for picnics on the trail with hot tea.

That yurt we built....

and the bookstore and art gallery I had in my 20's...

Jasmine of Howl at the Loom has been weaving in Northern Michigan for over 10 years utilizing primarily locally grown & processed fibers or upcycled materials. She has a passion for spreading her love of textiles. Head to her website to check out classes she is teaching in the area!
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