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Show Notes

Episode #5 - You want space to make things? Set boundaries.

Jeez, isn’t it ironic..create a container so that you have freedom?  So true.

My guest today, Carol Johnson, is a maker; primarily a clothing sewist, but also a cook and gardener.  In our conversation today we talk about fast fashion, how her Mom made ends meet by being a creative maker, why she sews clothes now, how she shows her love to people, and what she wishes we all knew.

And boundaries.  Learn how Carol finds space to make things.

We laugh about why she stopped sewing clothes many years ago and she tells us why she picked it back up and gives us a peek into her journaling practice.  Prepare to be moony eyed!

A word from Carol – We are all makers! My goal and greatest joy as a maker is to become comfortable with myself and allow those around me to be comfortable with who they are and give them the confidence to seek new knowledge and explore the unknown. I hope to provide them the roots to find refuge and feel grounded when needed. And always a reason to stay and find joy in the present. It doesn’t matter what kind of maker we are, just remember to enjoy the entire journey.

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