Learn How to Sew Knit Clothes!

...and change up the pattern!

This class will soon be available to
purchase any ol' time you please!

Do you want a wardrobe that you made with your own two hands, or at least a few pieces, like a t-shirt and that dress you saw at the store that wasn't quite the color you wanted?

Has the idea of sewing clothes, with knits in particular, been daunting?

Maybe you know how to sew clothes, but sewing with knits...eeek!

You are in luck! 

I’m offering a 4-week, online series teaching you how to sew with knits.  

We’ll learn the basics first, then take a t-shirt pattern and sew it up and fit it to your body.  THEN, we’ll take that well-fitting pattern and make changes to it…the design elements you’ve been dreaming of!

And to help you with the dreaming there is a BONUS series on Planning Your Projects!

You’ll receive weekly lessons on my online learning platform, along with the pdf pattern, written instructions, video instructions, weekly emails to show you the way and a community (off of Facebook) where you can ask all your questions, post pictures and get help!  

"THANK YOU for creating such a fun course! I'm having a blast and learning a lot about fitting knits (for myself as well as others)."
- Darcy

What to expect:

  • While you can take this course at your own pace…all at once or following the weekly schedule I lay out, I encourage you to take the time to do the hands-on work as you go.  After all you bought this course to learn to sew knits and the only way to do that truly is to get your hands on some fabric!
  • You’ll get videos and emails each week, where I’ll walk you through how to sew with knits and how to sew a t-shirt and fit it to your body and THEN we’ll get creative with a new garment from the t-shirt pattern.
  • A BONUS series on planning your project!
  • Plan on about an hour a week to watch the videos and read the content.
  • You will not be in this alone, as you work on your projects you can reach out to me to get your questions answered and for additional guidance.
  • You’ll also have access to a private discussion area, specifically for this class!  Here you can connect with other students (my favorite thing), post images, ask questions and get answers.

This is for you…

    • If you want to get more comfortable sewing with knits!
    • If you know how to sew and want to get started sewing clothes.
    • If you are comfortable sewing knits but want to learn how to hack the pattern!!!

You’ll need:

  • A sewing machine in good working order, a serger is NOT necessary, but welcome.
  • A computer or device to watch the videos, interact on Zoom and in the discussion area and download materials.
  • A way to print the PDF pattern, it comes as both a Print at Home version and a large format Copy Shop version and to have the instructions available.
  • Some large paper for drafting, any paper will do, but I like medical exam paper.
  • All your sewing accoutrements!


Materials for the Basic T-shirt

44” wide knit fabric – 2 yards short sleeve, 2.5 yards long sleeve  (112 cm wide fabric – 1.8 meters short sleeve, 2.3 meters long sleeve)

56” wide knit fabric – 1.5 yards short sleeve, 1.75 yards long sleeve  (142.2 cm wide fabric – 1.4 meters short sleeve, 1.5 meters long sleeve)

Clear Plastic Elastic – Needed: roughly 10 inches (26 cm) for shoulder seams

Wonder Tape (optional) – Needed: 1 package (to encircle the hem of the shirt)

"Thanks for a fun process! I have never felt so relaxed jumping into pattern changes before; I usually will stress so much that I don’t even try. So thank you for your soothing and calming way! It’s absolutely what I need right now in my life."
- Gretchen

"Thanks a bunch for everything. You are a great teacher and have created a great space for us". - Brigette