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Spring 2023

Clone Your Favorite Clothes
Sewing Retreat

Do you have a piece of clothing that
you wish you had a pattern for?
Maybe it's on it's last legs
or it's not quite the
right color or you
just want more of them.

Join us for a 5 days of
pattern drafting and sewing on
Mackinac Island, Michigan

Bring your favorite garments
and we'll make a pattern from them
and sew them up

5 Day, 4 Night Retreat

Sunday, April 30th - Thursday, May 4th 2023

The view from the ferry dock on Mackinac Island!

You know that favorite hoody you have that you wish, wish, wish they still made?  But honestly, while it’s nearly perfect…it could use a slight adjustment there and a tweak here. 

Yup, me too!

Well, get ready to clone that favorite garment into a sewing pattern, make those adjustments and sew it up! 

But not on your own. Oh no.

With friends, the new ones you met in the spa pool, and with some encouraging, expert sewing & pattern drafting instruction!

And while you’re at it…maybe you’re craving a bit of time to get in the flow, dance a little, get mindful with like-minded women, and soak in the spa pool.

Yeah, I get that

You’ve come to the right place.

In this intimate retreat, only 12 spots, you’ll learn to create a pattern from your garment (maybe a couple?!), sew it up and make fit adjustments.

All while getting mindful about what you sew, loving your body a bit more and connecting.

Some pics from our retreat