Here's what Connie had to say about Kinship Handwork classes

"The day arrived for the first sewing class and it was a sparkling bright fall day. It was the first sun we'd seen in awhile and also warmer than in recent days. The last thing I wanted to do was spend the afternoon in the basement of the library sitting in front of a sewing machine. My friend Nick said, "Four hours is too long for that class. I'm going to come and pull you out of there. Grudginly, I went. Surpringly, the class flew by!

Tina is, I believe, the most patient, good-humored person in all of Emmet County. It was also a bonus meeting and spending time with the other students. The class taught us the technical areas of sewing which we practised and also made two projects. My expectations were far exceeded.Needless to say, Nick never showed up but if he had I'd have shooed him away. I plan to sign up for her next class in the spring."
...from Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine Class

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Part 1

Is your sewing machine sitting in the back of a closet gathering dust? 
Do you wish you remembered how to thread it? 
Do you want to learn to sew?

Bring your sewing machine and all of its accessories (power cord, manual, bobbins, presser feet, needles, etc.) to this 4-hour workshop.  Instructor Tina Bury will show you how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine, talk about the most common issues when using your machine and how to avoid them, and familiarize you with the most useful stitches.

A quick project will be sewn together to get you started. You’ll leave feeling confident that you can sew on your own!

(4 hour class)

Part 2

Have you been dreaming of a wardrobe that you build by hand? A dress that fits your unique body perfectly. Honestly, there’s nothing quite like it…dressing your body in clothes made specially for you, in your style and for your shape and made by your own two hands.

It’s heady stuff and it’s not as hard as you think.

Perfect Fit T-shirt – Learn to use a sewing pattern and alter it to fit your unique body. (6 hour class)

Self-drafted Skirt –  Draft and sew a skirt using your measurements and your sense of style. (5 hour class)

Sew a Fit & Flare Knit Dress –  Learn to take a sewing pattern for a simple knit dress (with a fitted bodice, sleeves and an a-line skirt) and adjust it to fit your unique body and style. Then we’ll cut it out and sew it up…all in time for dinner! (6 hour class)

Self-drafted Leggings – Building on the skills you learned while drafting your skirt, we’ll develop a pattern for fitted leggings that you’ll love…no more tugging! (5 hour class)

Requirements: Basic sewing skills helpful, if you can confidently thread your sewing machine, we’ll learn the rest. All garments will be made with easy to fit and comfortable, jersey fabric.

Do you wish you could sew your own clothes, perfectly fitted to your body and style, but it seems too daunting? 

Let’s slow the process down, learn the construction, work on fit and sew by hand…no machines required. 

In this class we’ll sew a perfectly fitted Tee Shirt, altering the pattern with your unique measurements and style.  Then we’ll learn and practice the hand stitches needed for construction. 

(3 hour class)

Hand-sewn, self-drafted tee shirt dyed with onion skins, before being dipped in indigo.

Visible mending is a nod to the traditions of prolonging the life of our clothes and our fabrics through the art of caring for them. We’ll learn techniques borrowed from the Japanese – Sashiko stitches and Boro cloth – and our own quilting roots.  Students will begin the class by creating and practice stitching small pouches before beautifying their own garments.  Suitable for all skill levels.

(Full: 6 hour class, Partial: 3 hour class)