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For the cost of a lunch for two! $30.

After the kick-off date of March 8th?

That's totally fine...come on in, the water's warm, you'll get access to all the things....the only thing you may have missed out on is a prize drawing as they are on specific dates!

Get a basic knit pattern each month (Mar-May)

1. Fit the pattern to your body
(with the help of the community and the how-to video)

2. Alter the now well-fitted pattern into another garment!
(with the help of the how-to videos!)

Share your creations and enter to win prizes!


Prizes like…

  • gift certificates to lovely fabric stores and more surprises
  • the Sew Clothes You LOVE course
  • a custom-drafted raglan knit, dress pattern – made just for you!
  • and the big one!

    A space at the Fall retreat on Mackinac Island! 

    (valued $665 respectively! Doesn’t include travel, meals or lodging)

Sew knits without fear.








The Make-It-Your-Own Project is kind of like a challenge and a course merged into one!

  1. Each month you’ll get a PDF pattern for a beloved, but basic knit garment.  (t-shirt, skirt & dress)
  2. With the pattern, you’ll also receive an instruction booklet and video how-to.
  3. You’ll spend the next two weeks getting the fit right and sewing your basic knit garment.  With the help of the how-to’s and the community!
  4. Share your makes by the deadline and enter to win prizes!

Then, mid-month…

  1. You’ll receive inspiration and how-to videos on how to take that basic pattern and turn it into new patterns!

    It’s a super sneaky way to start pattern drafting! 
    My favorite way to sew garments I LOVE.

  2. During the second half of the month you’ll alter your pattern into something new and sew it up.

  3. Share your new creation by the deadline and entering to win prizes!!

Try your hand at designing and
pattern drafting...yes, you!



Prizes like books, gift certificates to fabric stores like (Nature’s Fabric) and other surprises!

Those Prizes…they’re not based on who takes the best pictures, has the best styling or made the most amazing thing (although maybe there will be something special for that), it’s a drawing where you get entries for things like sharing your process, posting pictures, finishing the garment by the deadline, bringing a friend, being engaged.

Natural Dyeing

How-to video on using food waste to dye your cloth.

(things like…avocado pits and onion skins)

Make it even MORE your own.

Printing Your Fabric

A video on how to carve your own block and print a pattern onto your fabric!

Learning a bit about carving the block, repeat patterns and what inks I like to use on knit fabrics.

What's handwork without connection?

Not nearly as fun, I say!

~ Also included ~

Your Online Community!

(where you can give and receive insight)


and (if you wish) a pairing with a new making buddy

to both make it more fun and keep you committed!

Join a fun challenge,
enter to win prizes,
meet new makers and
maybe, add more joy to your life!

If not joy...certainly a new super power. (but, probably both!)

Join the Make-it-Your-Own Project for $30.

For the cost of lunch for two ~ you get….

            (…in the midwest. It might be lunch for one on the east coast!)

  • 3 knit, pdf sewing patterns – t-shirt, skirt (4 gore) and dress (fit and flare) with instructional booklet  (curious about sizing?  the patterns fit busts from 32-50 inches)

  • How-to videos for sewing the basic knit garment – specifically about choosing your size and tips for success

  • How-to videos for altering the patterns into new garments

  • Inspiration – delivered to your inbox

  • A chance to win 6 different prize packages – simply share your creations with the pertinent hashtag

  • How-to video to get your started with natural dyeing

  • How-to video to get your started with block printing your fabric

  • An online community – to give and receive insight and encouragement!

  • The option to be paired with another maker – to increase the fun and keep you committed!

This is perfect for you....

  • If you want to get comfortable sewing knits.
  • If you want to try your hand at drafting and you’d like to have some great basic knit patterns that fit you!
  • If you want to have a fun challenge…with deadlines… and friends and prizes!
  • If you want to embrace your style a little more and, wouldn’t it be fun to do that with your tribe?
  • If you are new to sewing clothes, and want a friend to show you some ropes.

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(* anytime!)

The Project begins March 8th!

(*you can sign up for the project after the March 8th start date and you'll get access to all the how-to videos and patterns, but you may miss a prize date...)