The Make-it-your-Own Society

An online community focused on making lovely clothes out of knit fabric.

Getting the fit right for your body and then going even further
and getting the style right for your spirit.

With intention and in community with your tribe!

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Want to sew the knit wardrobe of your dreams?

After all, there’s nothing quite like knit garments. 

They’re not called secret pajamas for nothing…they move with your body, are so comfortable and have endless style. 

Honestly, we all love wearing them!

Maybe you’ve been intimidated by sewing with knit fabric?

Have no fear, we are all about learning how to sew with knit fabrics and about fitting the patterns (7 core patterns are included) to your perfect body.

Hmmm…maybe you’re one of those sewists who sees a pattern and immediately starts to imagine changing it up?

Perfect!  Because that’s another thing we’re going to do. 

Get really comfortable taking those core knit patterns and changing them into new garments…all sort of new garments.

The ones dancing in your head.  The ones you haven’t even imagined yet.  The ones you’ll get inspired and oh, so excited to make when you see another member take off running.

Maybe you have questions from time-to-time and you’d like to be able to ask someone who knows or perhaps ask a whole society of your making friends? 

Questions like, has anyone every used this fabric? 

 ~ Can you look at this picture and tell me how to go about fixing the fit? 

 ~ What’s your favorite way to adjust for a full rear end?

 ~ I really want a dress that looks like “this” how can I make the pattern?

You know…those kinds of questions.

And, if I don’t know from my 14 years of experience, I’ll do my best to find an answer for you. 

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re pretty comfortable sewing knit clothes and changing up the pattern to suit your style, BUT you’d like to be inspired and be a part of something…magical!

Something that excites you and engages your creative flow and gives you permission to make time to really get into your passion.

Something that brings more joy and love into your life.

I get it.

You belong here.


Sewing can be a lonely pursuit and making time in your busy life or being inspired to be creative can be downright challenging. 

You’ve probably had the best intentions on making space to create the wardrobe of your dreams for quite some time. 

But life simply gets in the way and you’re not really sure how to take your patterns and make them what you really want.

Let’s dust off those aspirations and create your dream wardrobe…and while we’re at it, let’s add some intention and magic into your creative flow.

Ready to make your wardrobe your own?

The Make-it-your-Own Society

a membership for garment sewists who want to
nail their fit and create the knit clothes of their dream

What's waiting for you...

We're embarking on a journey
and want you
as a founding member!

What members are saying...

"Tina, I just finished the videos on altering the T-shirt.

WOW! This is fantastic!
On top of my appreciation for SO MANY ideas,
I also want to say YOU CRACK ME UP with some of the little goofs and whatnot!

You really make this fun!"
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project
"Thanks for a fun process!
I have never felt so relaxed jumping into pattern changes before; I usually will stress so much that I don’t even try.

So thank you for your soothing and calming way! It’s absolutely what I need right now in my life."
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project
"I am loving the great patterns and great videos. And you! I have learned so much from your videos. I am also easing up on self-criticism when it comes to making clothes that fit my body.

Thanks a bunch for everything. You are a great teacher and have created a great space for us."
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project

Doors are currently closed

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"I would recommend this, for the clarity of the instructions, available in text & video. The flexibility of the patterns, empowering, and encouraging customization & alteration to suit personal style is liberating.

I’m loving making a t-shirt that truly fits ME! I have gained more confidence with sewing knit fabric!"
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project
"I love realizing that I can create many different looks from one basic pattern; also the community is so supportive and helpful; and TINA - a gem of a teacher and human being!

I am learning, re-learning in a safe environment. Feeling more and more confident about getting really creative."
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project
"Love this whole thing. Sewing with knits was foreign to me, and this has been a great learning experience. Always love adding to the skillset; and I keep thinking this is just not like wovens, which I still love."
Karen G
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project

Here's what each month will look like...

A creative garment project

It might be sewing and fitting a new knit pattern

~or taking one of our core patterns and diving into changing it into a different style

~or embellishing our garments, with things like natural dyes, hand stitches or block printing.

Complete with patterns, how-to videos and instructional booklets, as it pertains.

An inspirational piece 

A little something on adding intention to your making

~or how to build your community with things like swaps

~or learning to love your body, just as it is

~or a bit of learning…to get us all excited!

Connection with your Tribe

We’ll gather on Zoom and share our projects, ask questions and simply connect.

Plus some sweet surprises!

Your Community, available when you are…

An active and caring private Facebook Group to connect with any time, not a Facebook user?  There’s a discussion section on the website!

Those burning questions?…this is a great place to pose them.

A Friendly Little Deadline
 and PRIZES!

This is probably everyone’s favorite part of the society!

The deadline helps keep you engaged and when you do things like complete the project, connect with the Society and share your process, you get entries into a monthly drawing!

It’s so exciting!

All the Core Patterns

Over time, you’ll get access to each core pattern and instructional PDF, it’s how-to-sew-it video and any inspirational videos on how to change the pattern into new styles.

In the next 12 months, there will be 7 core patterns, with more in the coming years (bathing suit, anyone?)!!

  • t-shirt
 (available in when you sign up)
  • 4-gore skirt
 (available in November)
  • basic knit dress (available in December)
  • self-drafted a-line skirt (available in January)
  • self-drafted leggings
 (November’s project)
  • raglan sleeve shirt and dress
 (February’s Project)
  • knit yoga-type pants
 (May’s Project)

from time to time ~ Bonus Projects
 and other extras!

Sweet little palette cleansing projects, from time to time, to shift to your focus and inspire you.

This membership is perfect for you if...

  • You already know how to sew clothes and you want to begin sewing clothes with more intention and more of your own style!
  • You’ve always been a little, shall we say, apprehensive to sew knits and you want to sew knits with confidence.


  • Something is missing from your making journey…maybe it’s companions, maybe it’s accountability, maybe it’s the joy of sharing your passion with like-minded people.  Whatever it is, you crave connection.


  • You want to successfully choose your size and alter your pattern, but you have questions.
  • You want your own garment maker’s tribe!  It can be lonely out there and wouldn’t it be nice to connect with like-minded makers, share advice and feedback and enhance this lovely craft…and just maybe your life!
  • You sew clothes only to have them not fit and you want an easier way to sew clothes that fit you.
  • You know how to sew, but you’ve never sewn clothes and you’d like to start sewing clothes.  Yes!
"I love the Facebook group! I follow a lot of sewists and hashtags on Instagram but it always feels so “filtered”. I like that this process feels more real. People share their mistakes and the process more so than just a perfectly touched up final product.

I really enjoy all that I’ve learned from that and the variety of work that’s been shown. Seeing people in a variety of normal bodies making beautiful clothes that celebrate their unique body is so inspiring. It motivates me to keep sewing and learn more about adjusting patterns rather than feeling like something is wrong because I don’t fit the clothes."
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project

Doors are currently closed

Be the first to know when they reopen!

Let's do this!

"I love connecting with you, Tina, and in the group with others and the drawings are great at making me hit the deadline.

This really does what it promises to do.

That's the big surprise for me - I joined already knowing how to self-draft a knit t-shirt but doing it here encouraged me to make one that I love to wear.

I didn't expect to learn so much about altering a pattern in the videos, that's an incredible value."
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project

This Year's Creative Garment Projects

New Knit Patterns


  • self drafted leggings
  • raglan shirt and dress
  • knit Yoga-style pants

Also included are…

  • t-shirt
  • 4-gore skirt
  • basic knit dress
  • self-drafted A-line skirt

Going Deeper on Changing the pattern

    • Adding a hoodie / cowl neck to the raglan pattern
    • Adding pockets!
    • Sleeveless or Tank tops and dresses
    • Creating a wrap top dress or ballet top


You’ll also get…

  • Inspirational videos on changing up the t-shirt, 4-gore skirt and basic knit dress

Embellishing our Garments

  • Using Shibori and dyes to create pattern on fabric
  • Block printing on Fabric
  • Hand Sewing a knit garment
  • Using stitches to add design and intention to garments
  • Visible Mending

You’ll also get…

  • Getting Started with Natural Dyes
  • Getting started with Block Printing

What if a project doesn't really get you excited?

You can participate as you wish. If the project we're focused on that month isn't floating your boat, you can work on your own idea and still get credit for it in the deadline drawing and share it with the community!

"I love that I can come and go from projects with no pressure and see what others are doing"
Member of the Make-it-Your-Own Project