Honestly, Change is Hard

My wee boy began preschool this fall.  It’s been hard.  It’s the first time he’s been dropped off with a gaggle of other kids with or without his mama.  Each day has gotten a bit harder as he begins to anticipate his fear of being “left”.  It breaks this mama’s heart when he runs after me sobbing, “just one more big hug!”.  

I’ve been spending my new found time in town.  Sketching, walking, drinking coffee in booths by myself, and preparing to begin Graphic Design work.   At the library in our town there is a labyrinth and I walked it recently while he was in school.    The stress of change was on my mind.   Truth be told, I’ve always felt myself to be immune to that stress…easily able to change without issue.    If I’m honest though, I think I’ve been moving too fast to recognize the disruptive and stressful nature of change.   

In hindsight I can see how agitating change has been in my life.  I don’t live in fear of change, but it feels healthy to see and honor the turbulence of change.  I’ve taken a lot of time this past year or so to get quiet with myself and to reach deep inside and coax those fears and stresses into the light so that I might heal them and become a person who loves myself deeply and fully, fears and all.

For my wee boy, I began putting essential oils on his feet and giving him a Bravery Bubble (Rescue Remedy) before school.  It helps to shore him up and I am reminded of the power of giving yourself that little bit of care/love that you need in order to be strong and able.   That a 10 minute meditation or a few minutes of knitting is greater than the sum of the parts.