I’m pondering grace today. The word keeps surfacing in my reading and thoughts and this morning I decided to spend time with it’s meaning. It’s a nuanced word…moving with beauty and elegance; in favor; a sense of politeness and consideration; ornamentation in order to beautify; the thanks we give before eating, and the one that stuck with me…giving kindness and compassion.

I think of this in the conflicts of my life and how I can more gracefully give grace to those (situations and people) that I feel harmed by. Grace…it’s something I’ve been striving for in the face of my hurt. And that brings up Striving…I’m working to release the struggle and to simply be what it is I am at my core; my inner wise woman. Not grasping and clutching and pushing and forcing…but simply allowing.

I have grace at my core, I believe we all do; it’s my fear that blocks it from flowing freely. It’s my ego and it’s well-meaning, self-preserving fear that pulls in and protects rather than opens up and allows grace.

And then…I want to give grace to that too. To my struggle.

May you and I be the embodiment of Grace today.