I recently finished a wooly cowl for a dear friend.  She sails the world and needed something to keep her neck warm in the biting wind and blowing sea (I picture something akin to images from “A Perfect Storm”).   It was my pleasure to knit her a cowl made from hand-spun yarn that another dear friend spun; from sheep in our region.  I added a tree to the simple pattern to connect my sea faring friend with me, a forest dweller.    I may have even knit in a blessing or two to keep her safe.

I’m struck by the layers of connection in this little cowl, of the love and care in every fiber.  From the shepherdess who cared for the sheep and sheared it’s wool, to our friend meditatively working her spinning wheel to my knitting needles click, click, clicking this into being.  There’s a warmth and caring in handmade goods.  A mindfulness.

I hope that someone, long after we’ve moved on, comes across this cowl and can feel it’s life and love and knows it’s for them too…or that it effectively rejoins the soil to become the foundation of life once again.   That’s why I make, because the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts and it brings me joy.

It’s nearly my birthday…a day I celebrate wholeheartedly.  It’s my 40th.  I’m a bit perplexed on how I’ve already managed to spend 40 of my years.  I don’t mind aging, although some days I threaten those rapidly multiplying silver hairs with a box of dye…but only when I’m tired and weary.  That’s a good reminder that peace, joy and happiness allow me to see myself as more attractive…just right “as is”.  When I’m peaceful and full of joy, I’m more gracious with myself.  I give myself more space and more affection, and feel empowered to take on the world, walk with a swing and greet strangers in the eye.

Here’s to a year filled with peace, joy and happiness!

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I found this image while thrifting and I can’t help but disappear into it.
Some little pouches I recently hand sewed with Sashiko thread.