The making of an artist’s studio

aka….I ordered a shed!

It’s been a year. I mean A YEAR.

A year full of change; divorce, and moving. There was that time that the rain washed away the foundation of the house we rented and we scrambled to move again overnight and the summer where I, rather desperately, searched in vain for our home in a volatile market, with my wee boy ever in mind. It was a year of mind-blowing stress and 5 months of a mysterious auto-immune “thing” that left me often unable to brush my own hair. A year of canceled work and so much uncertainty.

It’s been a year. I mean A YEAR!

A year full of growth and trust. Of learning to FULLY and I mean fully stand in my integrity and truth. I had been in lots of ways for years, but there were sneaky little ways, supposedly self-preserving little ways, I wasn’t. A year of following my heart and embracing this beautiful life I have! A year of extra camping and swimming and love. Of repaired relationships and co-parenting in the most ease-filled, sweet way.

A year of simultaneously being mind-blowingly stressed and so at peace. At the same time.

Looking around at the rubble of my life and seeing it for the gift it is…a reset. It’s all fallen to pieces, now what can I imagine in its wake?

The space to podcast was born from that and I’m thrilled to follow wherever it takes me. A year of settling into life, where I am, and ordering that shed.

What shed?

The shed of my dreams. The one I’ve also wanted to transform into a studio and space for all of me to exist. As physical proof that my dreams and desires are worthy. That I’m fully backing myself.

So, in the uncertainty of it all, my boy and I are living joyfully in a small, not quite tiny, 400-square-foot house on wheels that I’ve been renovating for a couple of years. Tucked snuggly, if temporarily, on a dear friend’s farm, I ordered a 20×12 foot shed.

A shed to turn into my beautiful studio and store some things that I love but that don’t have space in our wee house. And, because I’m a mama to a maker, I’m sharing a corner with my little boy. He somehow got the impression that when I said he could have some space in the new shed for his workbench I meant half. Goodness. This boy instinctively knows that what he wants is worthwhile while I’m just finally claiming that. Now to keep that alive in him! (he still doesn’t get half though.)

And when the right land or home shows up, we’ll move. The wee house, the bees, the studio, and us. Because I’m tired of waiting to “start” fully living the life I want. I’m living it now, where I am.

And honestly, all of that hard stuff this year, all of those uncertainties, most of them haven’t really changed. But my life is so very beautiful and not a week goes by that I don’t say, I love my life! And mean it. It’s learning to more deeply trust and to be where I am right now in this moment that’s changed. Everything.