you get to change your mind

I started going grey when I was 35. And I’ve loved it, embraced it, and at times hated it.

Really the degree to which I’ve disliked it or liked it always corresponds with how tired and run down I feel or how on fire and joyful.

At 44, my dramatic white and dark brown hair has settled into much more salt than pepper. And still there are days I love it. But a part of me wants it to skip the slightly pepper years and go straight to silver.

Then. This year I chose VIBRANT as my word for the year. And I started thinking about all the ways I feel vibrant and how my clothes help support that and sometimes my hair, but more often not. Right now.

And so, I closed my eyes, pulled the trigger and did a thing. And I LOVE it!!!

The thing about living life on your own terms is that you get to change your mind…at anytime.