Wardrobe Planning Ritual – yes, ritual

I’m here today to share with you my wardrobe planning ritual. 

Now doesn’t that sound fancy!

It’s not.  It’s really about getting honest and authentic with yourself.  And maybe a little firm!And anytime I can make something a little sacred and special, the better!

Why have a wardrobe planning ritual? 

So that we sew (and buy) things that fit with what we already own and with who we are as people…how we want to show up in the world.  And so we’re happier and more at ease.  I would argue, and you know this if you’ve been here for any length of time, that when our exterior matches who we are on the inside, then we are more fully ourselves.  It’s not just about the clothes.  Not really.  It’s about living in our harmony and in our truth.  And having the confidence to be ourselves.

And that’s enough, truly.  But when we’re intentional, we purchase less…less ready-to-wear clothing, less fabric, and materials.  (Because there’s stress there too…in having too many materials and making “too” many things with no larger plan feels just as overwhelming as buying “too” many things.)  The more mindful we are about what we bring into our lives, the more lightly we’ll impact the earth and the more lightness will invite into our lives.
You probably know that ready-to-wear clothing…still made by hand by someone likely to be halfway around the world and working in subhuman conditions…is one of the top pollutants in the world.  From huge amounts of water and pesticide usage to synthetic dyes polluting waterways to mountains of discarded, cheap clothing filling and choking our landfills.  Often only worn a handful of times.  It’s tragic and mammoth in scale. 

But we…we can do something about it, right where we are, and improve our own existence to boot.  We can mindfully choose what we bring in (whether that’s ready-to-wear clothing or sewing supplies), making sure it lights us up, thrift for clothes as often as possible, mend what we have already, and find ways to reuse or donate what no longer serves. 

I am an avid thrift store shopper.  For many reasons.  I love how far my dollar goes, I love imagining the life the item I am bringing home already had, I love the treasure hunt and I love that, by buying used, I’m choosing to not contribute to the production of more, more, more.  

I don’t know about you, but as I dove deeper and deeper into making my own clothes, I wanted to bring that same mindfulness into my making that I brought into my buying.  To intentionally choose what my next project would be, based on what I needed in my life and what would bring me joy.

And some wardrobe planning helps us effectively choose our sewing projects and buy fabric we might actually love using!

To that end, I begin each year with a wardrobe inventory, and sometimes I do it again mid-year! Truly. Of course, I’m nerdy like that, but also it helps me see what holes I have in my closet and how the pieces I have play together…thus allowing me to plan my sewing (or purchasing) more effectively.

Which honestly, makes me giddy with delight. It also is a great time to curate what’s taking up space in your precious closet and pass along what no longer fits. And by fits, I mean both your body and your style.

So without further ado here’s my wardrobe planning ritual.  

Ritual?  Yes, make it meaningful and intentional.  Get a glass of something that brings you joy, light a candle, put on music…make it sacred.  After all, mindfulness is an act of self-care.  Let this practice become joyful and not drudgery because we can make that choice.

You can get my ritual (in a convenient downloadable handout) here!

In Deep Kinship,