Choosing the Right Materials

It takes time to learn how fiber/fabrics behave

I’m a relatively new knitter and am working on my first sweater for myself…I’m 9 months into it! I hope I love it. The yarn is a locally milled and sourced, undyed Alpaca. It’s a rich, deep chocolately brown that I adore and is so silky to the touch.

Now, I’m a garment maker who takes a lot of time to get fit and fabric content just right. I want to LOVE my garments and I want them to perform in the ways that I like. I eagerly, breathlessly bought the yarn at a local Fiber Fair. Shortly after buying it, I read Clara Parkes book Yarn for Knitters and discovered the shortfalls of a sweater made entirely of Alapaca…that lovely silkiness and drape means that my sweater may stretch out upon wearing. Gah. I hate clothes that stretch out…I have very little patience for them in my life.

I’m knitting the sleeves and then have only the collar to finish…so time will tell. I’ve spent so much time and effort to produce a garment that I might not love to wear. I’m gently, reminded of the need to give myself space and time to learn the craft and know the fiber and to enjoy the process, even with an uncertain outcome.