Our Bodies are Just Right

I’ve been teaching a series of classes locally on sewing knit garments…a t-shirt, skirt and leggings. The students and I jumped right in with pattern drafting on the skirt and leggings and with pattern manipulation on the t-shirt because that’s what I love. The ability to get your most perfect fit.

The magic that comes from looking behind the curtain of turning fabric into a garment that with the power of good fitting, adorns your body in the most pleasing way is nothing short of exhilarating. Your body is not the problem. The clothes just aren’t made for you…your unique body. How can they be? Each of us, whether we weigh the same or measure the same are still not the same. My weight distributes itself in a different way than yours distributes itself and neither is wrong.

Whew, what a relief. I imagine we had less body issues in the days when we, or someone in our family, made our clothes to fit our bodies. Granted the choices on how to adorn yourself would have been much more limited. Did you want that dress to go to the ankle or slightly below it? And there were certainly body shapes to strive towards…waist reducing girdle for your breathing and eating pleasure. But perhaps, this one bit of “I am not what I should be” that comes from trying on clothes not made for your unique body did not exist.

I’m honored that these ladies I’m teaching have chosen to spend their time with me so that I can share that love.

Modeling their freshly minted skirts!