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Which course is for you?

...well, let's see.

Are you good friends with your sewing machine?

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"Gah! I wish!"

You might want to start here.

Learn to Sew - 3 week digital course

Next Course starts February 28th
Doors open February 16th

a 3-week, live virtual class to get you comfortable using your sewing machine and teach you things like…how to finish your seams, install a zipper and sew a button-hole

Get good at using your sewing machine so you can make beautiful things without pulling out your hair!

Yes...but I'm pretty new to sewing with knits or clothes in general.

"Honestly, I'm a little bit afraid of sewing with knits and I'm not ready for a big commitment!"

Then, this is just what you need!

a 4 week Course to Show You How to Sew Knits

Look for the next course in spring of 2021.

This series will take you through how to sew with knits, how to sew (and fit) a t-shirt, pattern provided, and THEN, and this is the super fun part, how to change the pattern into new designs! 

Plus, there’s a bonus series on planning your projects and live calls to help you along the way. 

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I'm pretty comfortable sewing clothes, but want to go deeper!

I'm pretty comfortable sewing knit clothing, but I want to make the pattern my own!

Perfect, we've got your sewing adventure right here!

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Monthly Membership

Doors will open again soonish!

a monthly adventure in making your knit garments your own!  With a monthly creative garment project, based off of 7 core patterns, a community and prize drawings!!!  Change the pattern into new garments, dyeing with natural dyes and shibori, block printing, hand stitching…the sky’s the limit.

What I get frustrated by is when I sew clothes and then I do NOT like them.

I get it. Check this out.

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doors open again in Mar of 2021...Mar 9th to be exact!

a 5-week, course designed to help you define your style, plan your project and adjust the pattern…before you begin sewing.  So that you can sew clothes you LOVE!