Living Wholeheartedly

Have you witnessed, or experienced your own, wholehearted expression? There’s a magic to it. Something I can’t quite articulate; that I can only see from the corner of my eye. People lean in, energetically drawn to a person who is able to show up without pretense, without armor, without the need for adulation. Wholly in their flow, doing what they are meant to do.

This past weekend I was honored to listen to a concert where one of the performers was openly, authentically sharing their soul. Irregardless of whether we loved it or not. Performing what was theirs to perform without the need for our approval and the audience leaned in.

It was a concert of 4 singer/songwriters and to be clear, the other three brought their heart…but were a bit more protected, a bit more armored against our disapproval. It’s a subtle difference and I can not imagine the fears one must overcome to be able to perform in front of an audience at all and I honor that. But to show up without pretense…now that’s what I want for my life.

That’s how I want to show up in this space. In my retreats. When I teach. Humbly, authentically, vulnerably me. Sharing what I am meant to share. Neither smaller nor forcibly larger than I am.

Days later, I can still feel how that magic touched my soul…giving me a little more permission to show up the same.