How to Let Go and Allow the Flow of Life

I’ve been on a major learning kick this year.  All receptors open and, honestly, a bit jammed up with all of the information.  Like anything, to save my sanity, I needed to get really clear on what to receive and what to pass by.    I’ve stopped pushing and pulling, and began allowing.

It’s been magical.  Like mind-blowingly magical. 

I thought you might want some of that magic in your life too.

Here’s what I’ve been doing…

  1. I say a prayer to the universe/God/higher power to show me the next right step in my path after my daily mediation.  Because I’ve committed to it.  Hard.  I mediate and pray 98% of the time and it’s changed my life.    See I spent the first year and half of my little son’s life under water, and I never want to feel that desperate and alone again.
  2. Then when new learning comes into my life (and oh boy does it…books, podcasts, webinars, courses…), I check in with my body to see what I should focus on.  In other words, I get quiet and feel into what is catching my interest the most.  Now, I have to push past that buzz that I get when I hear about something “new” and really feel into what’s truly at the front of the line.
  3. Then I do it.  I make some time to learn that thing.  I listen to the podcast while walking (learning and walking; a pairing that has been very motivational in my life) or while driving or instead of watching “the Walking Dead”. (Did you know I have a secret addiction to post-apocalyptic shows?  Yup.  I think it’s the survival aspect of it all…because I’m always wishing they could find a nice relatively safe place to settle down and begin sewing clothes, preserving food…anyway.)

It has been simply magical.  I can look back over the last 9 months and see how my meandering path has lead me to where I am right now…just where I want to be.  I didn’t map out that path or push it into happening.  I simple became willing and open.  I’m committed to mindfully chose what to focus on at any given time, trusting that it will all come together.  And it has!!

What’s your experience with opening up, being willing and allowing?

In Kinship,