A fresh start?

It’s not spring yet, but I’m feeling the pull toward sprouting…you?

I shared a while back (a week ago maybe!  ha!) that I ordered an Amish-made shed to turn into a maker’s studio.  And then on podcast episode #7,
I shared how I plan to finish it in words that fell all over one another.  
(did you catch that episode?)

And I’m thrilled for that to take shape, but right now I am craving spring.  Not just in that okay, the-large-amount-of-snow-that-just-finally-arrived (a day late and a dollar short?) can-now-melt-thank-you-very-much way.  It’s March after all.  But in a spring-cleaning, fresh-beginnings, sprouting-seeds-of-creativity kind of way.

I have plans for that studio.  Old tried and true plans of replacing my worn out leggings and adding in a cardigan or two.  (what was that about a day late and dollar short?)  

But also sparkling new plans.  Plans to teach live, virtual workshops in the new studio on sewing things…wait for it…other than knits.  What?!??! I know.

I’ve been working on drafting this wool vest pattern, taking inspiration from this Filson wool Mackinaw vest and a waxed canvas work apron pattern that I’ll be teaching from in the fall at the Michigan Folk School in Ann Arbor. 

I also thought it would be super fun to slowly, and mindfully, sew a button-down shirt with you!    Oh…and maybe a waxed canvas bag!  With rivets and leather accents.  And maybe there will be a kit you can get so you don’t have to source all the things. 

Ohhh.  It’s exciting to be dreaming of new experiences and new ways to connect with you and be in community!

And then in my personal journey, I want to recover my couch (hmmm, maybe I need an industrial sewing machine for the new space?  yes, need.)  and I want to slowly, slowly, slowly sew some garments with thoughtful, magical details and imbued with intention. 

Now.  Could much of this, if not all, happen in my sweet little house? 
Yes.  Yes it could.  And some of it will. 

But there’s something about dreaming about what will happen in the future and as I write this I’m reminded that there’s also a magic in knowing you can embody that joy and do those things right now. 
With what you have.  Where you are.

What I’m loving right now…

  • the very idea of co-working and using a pomodoro timer to focus my time!  Listen to this week’s podcast conversation with Corrina Ferguson.
  • I recently heard a podcast interview with this doctor and promptly ordered his book!  I’m so intrigued by the work he’s doing on aging with vitality.
  • I can’t pass up a post-apocolyptic movie/book/show and this one is next in line!
  • I’ve been collecting ideas for my maker’s studio and this woman’s posts on instagram have taken my breath away. 
  • And while I’m at it…in unrelated news, I love the magical story these clothes tell. Every post evokes this excited feeling in me.
  • Oh goodness.  I also read this blog post and I’m so struck with the power of following what excites you and the way that a beautiful life will unfold from that.  AND…she’s the guest on next week’s podcast episode!  Woot Woot!