My Grandma Made Me Do It

Well...not made me, per se, but certainly inspired me to do it! Grandma Marian, she's the one I often think of when I think about my making journey. She's the…

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Choosing the Right Materials

It takes time to learn how fiber/fabrics behave I'm a relatively new knitter and am working on my first sweater for myself...I'm 9 months into it! I hope I love…

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How I Plan My Garment Sewing

I have a strong inner nerd, who loves to plan, sketch, dream and consider the possibilities before narrowing it all down. I love taking inventory of what I have and…

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Living Wholeheartedly

Have you witnessed, or experienced your own, wholehearted expression? There's a magic to it. Something I can't quite articulate; that I can only see from the corner of my eye.…

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Our Bodies are Just Right

I've been teaching a series of classes locally on sewing knit garments...a t-shirt, skirt and leggings. The students and I jumped right in with pattern drafting on the skirt and…

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I'm pondering grace today. The word keeps surfacing in my reading and thoughts and this morning I decided to spend time with it's meaning. It's a nuanced word...moving with beauty…

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Honestly, Change is Hard

My wee boy began preschool this fall.  It's been hard.  It's the first time he's been dropped off with a gaggle of other kids with or without his mama.  Each…

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Surface Design Exploration
My final repeating pattern

Surface Design Exploration

Final skirt - hand carved, repeating block print over subtle shibori natural dye I'm a maker.  It's in my soul.  Making gives my everyday life deeper meaning.  While I love…

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Natural Dye Notes – Onion Skins, Cochineal and Logwood
Dyed in onion skins. Still wet, the dried garments were several shades lighter.

Natural Dye Notes – Onion Skins, Cochineal and Logwood

I've been dabbling in natural dyes for a couple of years...not consistently or often, but on occasion.  At first I wasn't hooked. That's not really true, I love the concept...taking…

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